Trisha is a multi award winning Artist, Energy Healer and Independent Ceremony Celebrant, from Kent, UK, who has a passion for making people feel more energised and happy. Be that through an art class, Energy Healing or a Handfasting Ceremony.

Trisha is a qualified Independent Ceremony Celebrant and offers beautiful Wedding, Handfasting, Renewal of Vows and Naming Ceremonies, combining art and special ceremonies. Her Energy Healing rolls all these elements into alignment by changing peoples fears and worries from chaos to clam helping people feel more energies and sleep soundly.

Trisha combines her love of art with a passion for making some ones dream day. She offers hand painted scrolls and certificates as part of her package of her Celebrant ceremonies.  Trisha seals the ceremony with a bespoke painted certificate while the couple will be sealing their ceremony with a kiss. For more information see her Celebrant page.

Trisha loves painting cityscapes and loves London skyline. She using a credit card instead of a brush to create her cityscapes. She loves using bold colours and a theme of gold and pinks permeates throughout her work. Her architectural style is her trade mark. 

Trisha has exhibited in numerous galleries, both solo and group events. She has also exhibited at the International Art Exhibition in Miami USA. It was while she was at one of these events her ‘Golden Battersea’ was commissioned and bought by Battersea Power Station.

Her Energy Art Hearts which are available in her shop are very popular and are another way she expresses her love of painting, her energy gift and love of sharing.

Trisha has received awards from Kent Women in Business, Kent Independent Traders and The Guardian. She also appeared in Sky Arts, Landscape Artist of the Year 2016.



“I just adore Trisha's work. The colours are vibrant and full of bold and lively strokes. ”

- K.S.


Featured and Exhibited at:- 

Home & Country Fair

Battersea Art Centre

The Miami Art Expo

Contemporary Art Fairs Surrey/Reading/Windsor

Parallax Art Fair

Oxford Art Fair