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My cityscapes have an energy and it is as if the reflections in the water create the opposite energy to the noise and busyness of the city creating an atmosphere of calm, flow and peace.

Either working on a commission or a piece which resonates with me I always start by looking at as many pictures as possible. I then build up a collage to place next to my canvas as a reference. I never copy 100% to a pictue or painting, I go with how I am feeling the painting is asking to look.

After preparing the canvas with a Gesso wash, I then set about dividing the canvas in 3. The sky, making sure I have enough space for my signature swish. The middle: always starting with my bold black line and finally the bottom, allowing enough for the reflection. I then measure and drawing ‘to scale’ al a Trish.



One to One, Group Sessions and Art Therapy Workshops

Painting with credit cards - Cityscapes: Draw skyline and create out lines by using credit card and water colours.

Watercolours: Draw skyline and create outlines by using credit card and water colours.

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If you would like to know more about painting with credit cards, you could always attend one of my step by step ‘painting with credit card’ workshops


Super Class. Easy to to do.


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