You can commission hand crafted pieces in silver which capture special items, such as flowers, specific colours and designs.

The Silver Collection is perfect for:

Birthday Gifts
Anniversary Pieces
Special Love Tokens
Memorial Keepsakes
Personalised Surprise Gifts

If you have an idea you would like Trisha to develop, please don't hesitate to contact her. She is happy to help, creating a truly unique piece of handmade jewellery, offering an alternative to the often impersonal approach often found on the high street. Each individual one is lovingly crafted by Trisha Wood in her Kent Based studio in the UK.
Trisha crafts each piece to your specification, each piece being totally personalised and unique.

TW Collection. Designed and hand made by Trisha Wood these beautiful bespoke solid silver heart pendants and four space rings are exclusive to Trisha Wood and are perfect for that unique gift and keepsake and that special something which is not mass produced or bought via any High Street store, each piece being totally personalised and unique.

Telling the Bees. A unique collection of Bee jewellery to represent the importance of the Bee in our lives. Bees have been an important part of life and death even back to Pagan times.  Pagans believed the bees took the human spirit away at the point of death so they are an important part of acknowledging the passing of a loved one’s spirit. Having a bee token can be a great way to remember a loved one as a keepsake.

 How do I receive my hand crafted heart?
All the jewellery is beautifully gift wrapped and sent with love. UK Prices included packaging and special delivery postage.