Memorial Jewellery Pieces Available: Solid Silver Heart Pendants and lockets, Triangle, Baltic Bee and Dragonfly Pendants, Cufflinks, Selections of Rings and Charm Beads and Bracelet.

These memorial pieces are exquisite and bespoke, beautiful tailor made jewellery for an everlasting tribute for either a lost love one or beloved pet. They are a cherished keepsake for you to treasure.

Custom Capturing your Loved One – The process. This is more than a piece of jewellery - this is a journey of love and closure too.
Having lost both my parents I understand the pain of losing someone close and the desire to still have your loved one close to you. I am on this journey with my clients, there is no rush to send their loved ones ashes too me, there is no time scale. When the client is ready I shall make their forever piece for them. Being there for them is part of the journey. I send out a kit which contains a sterile pot for ashes, a disposable spoon, a little bag for fur or hair and ring gauge if required.
All my memorial pieces start with a conversation, moving onto choosing and making. Pictorial process is given until completion when the piece is gift wrapped and sent special delivery with a Certificate of Authenticity.

All jewellery and memorial pieces are bespoke to your specifications. You can choose ashes or hair/fur visible in, Clear Resin, with a selection of coloured glitter, coloured glass shards, Gold and Silver Flakes and a selection of dried flowers. If you prefer, you can have your loved one infused within the high gloss enamel, in a colour of your choice. They are meticulously made with care and respect. All items are completed with a lovely non-toxic resin gloss set finish. As the pieces are made, you are kept informed on their progress with photos and video updates.

Handmade keepsake Jewellery Crafted with Love.
When your bespoke piece is created In memory of your loved one, a small amount of cremation ash is infused into the jewellery making each piece special and absolutely individual this captures their essence and spirit into each piece. Having a memorial keepsake piece of jewellery enables you to keep your loved one close to you, wherever you go.

Personalise your Jewellery.
You can total personalise any piece choosing the colour scheme, choice of coloured glitter, coloured glass or gold and silver flakes, what goes into it has special meaning for you. Whether its material from a favourite garment, a flower, cremation ashes, if it’s to remember a furry friend maybe some of their fur. They can be incorporated into your special memento.

"It’s still quite new to speak about Mum but it helps when you get a lovely understanding person like you! It can be hard to want to talk about a loved one but don’t know how to open the conversation and planning Mums ring with you was just perfect, so thank you again. I am really excited to have her with me always." Sue S - Sussex