Trisha Wood is an Independent small business providing personal memorial pieces. These are exquisite, unique and everlasting tributes for your lost loved ones and pets. Meticulously hand crafted with cremation ashes, your child’s first hair or pet fur. Incorporating Trisha’s distinctive signature style, these pieces of solid silver jewellery are handcrafted in 3 stages, by infusing enamel paint and resin with your loved ones ashes or your pets fur. Trisha Wood creates your uniquely designed and beautifully tailor made jewellery, with respect, empathy and care.

"It’s still quite new to speak about Mum but it helps when you get a lovely understanding person like you! It can be hard to want to talk about a loved one but don’t know how to open the conversation and planning Mums ring with you was just perfect, so thank you again. I am really excited to have her with me always."