Loving Crafted with Channelled Reiki Healing.

If you love to have individual personalised jewellery that has additional healing benefits why not consider having an energy art pendant.

Energy Art Pendants are made with energy healing which is channelled into each piece whilst being made. No two pieces are ever the same; you can select either your favourite or chakra based colours for each piece.

If you are interested in all things holistic, these pendants are reiki energised and made with love to help you stay aligned to your chakras and auric field. Beautiful holistic jewellery.

Each pendant is coloured with special enamel like substance, colours develop as the pieces are created. All hand crafted and unique to you.

All these energy pieces of jewellery are personalised and customise made with enamel like paint which can be bought as seen or personalised with your favorite colour and glitter. They are lovingly made with energy, care and respect. All items are completed with a lovely non-toxic resin gloss set finish.

Trisha prides herself on the working relationship she has with her clientele, be it one to one meeting, telephone conversations and peace of mind pictorial progress of work in progress and completed work. He client base is built is built up from recommendations and repeat custom. A loving working relationship.


Energy Art Pendants made with energy healing with choice of personal favorite colour with glitter design.