Credit Card Painting

Trisha's cityscapes have an energy, as if the reflections and shadows create the opposite energy to the noise and business of the city. She also likes to create Industrialscapes, using gold and greens, to bring the structures to life.

Either working on a commission or a piece which resonates with her, she always starts by looking at as many pictures as possible. She then builds up a collage to place next to her canvas as a reference.

Having researched the subject, Trisha’s artwork, although not to scale, will be visually correct. She creates her pieces of art in stages initially by using Gouache watercolour as a base, then adding, in stages, acrylic paint and finally metallic paint to give her subject depth.


Depending on size and detail, each original piece takes anything from 2 weeks to 2 months.


Prices for an original depend on size, materials used and time scale for completing the work. Please check my Shop for a more detailed view of sizes available and prices.


If you love Trisha’s style of art and would like to commission her for your very own piece then please contact her to discuss your requirements. Timescale for commissioned pieces can vary from that of a non-commissioned piece. P.O.A.

If you would like to know more about painting with credit cards, you could always attend one of my step by step ‘painting with credit card’ workshops





“Pride of place”

I love my tree painting, it takes pride of place in my studio!!!

— Kim


Fast becoming a Trisha Wood Collector!! I've got a couple of designs from Trisha's collection, I love her work - thank you xx


Trisha's work is as beautiful and unique as she is. Highly recommended!