I love sharing my vision. no apology or playing small. I am an artist, this is my calling, my serendipity.

I have always had a love of water colour work, especially after the ‘Cadburys Flake’ advert in the late 70′s where the lady was painting in a poppy field!

I live in Kent, with my patient Husband and our 2 Cocker Spaniel dogs. My background is in community care, working in the field of palliative care and special needs. I studied Period Costume Design and Corsetry at the London College of Fashion and set up my own business in 2003 making Medieval style garments and corsets for themed weddings.

I am a self-taught artist and it became my full time career in 2014. I paint London cityscapes because of the childhood memories from visiting relatives in the Wandsworth area of London, travelling past Battersea Power Station and the surrounding area. Cityscapes aren't the only subjects I paint, as I also enjoy painting Industrial views, wildlife, mystical and abstract.

My calling to paint came via a message in a dream. Being a spiritual person, I gain inspiration for my art through meditation and channel my visions into all my work.

Why use credit cards instead of a brush, you may ask. While I was painting one of my early cityscapes, I used a ruler for a straight line. Whilst doing so, frustratingly, I was getting in a mess. Desperately looking around for something to salvage the situation, I saw a credit card lying nearby. Trying the edge of the card I discovered it created a better line. That's how my credit card painting started, which has developed over time and to give me my signature "swish"

I enjoy doing commissions, they have been for a special surprise, a wedding present and a place of special memories. I work closely with the client using photos and images to create the piece of their dreams.

I love anything creative, using bold colours and a theme of golds and pinks permeates throughout my work.

I enjoy sharing my story as to why I paint with credit cards, hoping that it motivates and inspires someone to try something new or re-kindle a painting passion.

I have exhibited in numerous galleries, both solo and group events. I was also honoured to be invited to exhibit at the International Art Exhibition in Miami USA.

It was while I was at one of these events my ‘Golden Battersea’ piece was commissioned and bought by Battersea Power Station. This has grown into a working relationship and I’m proud to say that my artwork will be on a display hoarding around the development of Battersea Power Station.

I am very proud to be recognised for my work, receiving awards from; Kent Women in Business, Kent Independent Traders and The Guardian. I was also proud to be shortlisted to appear in Sky Arts, Landscape Artist of the Year 2016.


I am proud and honoured to have been recognised for my art work by receiving the following awards.

Kent Women In Business 2014 - Start up business of the year

The Guardian - Start up of the year 2014

Kent Women In Business 2015 - Home based business of the year

Kent Independent Traders Awards 2015 - Home based business

Kent Women In Business 2016 - Creative business of the year

Kent Women In Business 2017 - Kent Creative Women of the year